Agent 47 doesn’t want you talking about his new trailer

So the trailer for Hitman: Agent 47 just hit online the other day (see what I did there). Along with the new trailer; JoBlo movie trailers released what’s been coined in the movie scene as a “viral clip” in which agent 47 assassinates a handful of youtubers before they get a chance to share their opinions on the trailer. At first I thought it was just a bunch of random actors and that the whole video was completely staged, however while the video was obviously scripted, once Charlie Schneider from Emergency Awesome showed up it made me think twice. Personally I think this video would have worked better if they released it a couple of days prior to the trailers release to pump people up to see it, anyway take a look and see what you think…

As entertaining as that video is the trailer it’s self is also excellent. Check it out, then keep reading for my thoughts

Personally I’m not a big Hitman fan, nor did I see the 2007 film that Agent 47 is succeeding. That being said this movie on it’s own looks amazing. I never heard of Rupert Friend (47) but he seems to fit the role well, and I’ll see pretty much anything that as Zachary Quinto in it.

Now getting into the analysis. The trailer starts off with Agent 47 (Friend) in an interview room cuffed to the table with a gun locked on him. He gives that classic “you should really let me go” speech to Colonel Sanders. Then shit hits the fan, he kicks the table and the bullenjvel. vjnflkd/.f

Agent 47 doesn’t want you talking about his new trailer

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