(Rumour) Evil Baymax main antagonist in Big Hero sequel

Fair warning; Spoilers for Big Hero 6

So, that one scene in Big Hero 6 when Hiro removes Baymax’s nursing chip in an attempt to “destroy” Professor Callahan was pretty dark not to mention terrifying for a kids movie, and to be honest I was scared shit-less by “evil” Baymax. Needless to say, from that scene alone, “evil” Baymax would be a solid antagonist for the Big Hero team in the movie’s sequel.

While Big Hero 6 has grossed over $500 million in box office money outside the States, Chris Williams (one of the movie’s directors) has stated that he and Don Hall (the other director) haven’t had a chance to discuss the story. Williams stated “If it’s not a great story, it won’t be a great movie”


So what direction may the sequel take if we get one? Well, Sean O’Connell from CinemaBlend saw the movie at Savannah film festival before it’s official release. Also in attendance was the Head of Animation for Big Hero 6, Zach Parrish for a Q&A after the movie.

Naturally the audience asked about a sequel. One audience member pointed out that since Baymax managed to remove Tadashi’s original nurse card, doesn’t that mean that somewhere in some other dimension there’s a armless “evil” Baymax floating around. Parrish replied, and I’m paraphrasing here, saying that there were no plans right now, and the plan at the time was to focus on the success of the first movie, that being said who doesn’t want to see “evil” Baymax vs new Baymax.

According to O’Connell, from the way Parrish was talking it seemed apparent that that concept had been discussed at Disney.

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(Rumour) Evil Baymax main antagonist in Big Hero sequel

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