Toy Fair reveals potential future Avenger’s costumes?

So, Toy Fair’s Entertainment Brand Preview Event has taken place and Marvel’s section was sure to pump up the fans. Taking the cake would be the the Avengers: Age of Ultron Titan Hero Tech action figure assortment, which if you buy, you score a sweet hulk Buster Figure that interacts differently (Different speech, sound, lighting effects etc.) with different individual figures.

As Toy Fairs come, so does the fun of speculating how accurate to the cinematic universe the up coming characters may be.

Kicking off with our first look at Doctor Strange


Initially I thought; man, this looks fucking terrible. The thing is, you have to keep in mind that this is just a cheap-ass toy. Doctor Strange isn’t a major Character in the MCU yet and so marvel wouldn’t spend money on making a great toy that no-one’s going to buy. What this toy does tell us is that marvel intends to use the more modern incarnation of Dr Strange, which after researching and finding this image (Below) I am totally on board with.


Next up, Iron Man stealth suit?


A curious combination of colours. Is this the Retro reflective suited Iron Man that was teased in Iron Man 3? Even if this is a Stealth Iron Man toy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll see this suit in action. That being said seeing this in a live action movie would be bloody awesome.

Next is….Ms Marvel?


God I hope not. Even if it is; like Dr Strange, this figure would just be a bit of a test to see if the fans are keen on buying Ms Marvel action figures. Pretty sure this isn’t going to be an accurate representation of what we’re going to see when her stand alone film comes around in 2018. One thing I’m sure they’ll get rid of is the armpit hair.

UPDATE: I just read Civil War the other day and now know this is in fact Spider-Girl, or Woman or whatever! Point still stands that I’m not a fan of the armpit webs. I mean, it’s almost as if the illustrator put them on there to show that she has spider powers. I guess because having web like patterns stitched into the suit (like…I don’t know, Spider-Man!) would have done it. And it didn’t even work. I had no idea she was even remotely related to having Spider-Mam’s (haha typo. Keepin it. Hey Marvel, rename please) powers until someone referred to her as Spider-Mam.

Man, I really can’t let this one go


Not sure who this Waluigi looking guy is, but he’s wearing Thanos colours so, there’s that… I guess.

Now this is the really interesting photo of the bunch in my opinion


Yeah the blue and red suit that’s front and centre looks pretty cool, but it’s the suit in the background that really Intrigues me most.

Is that the Iron Spider-Man suit, the one Iron Man makes for Parker in Civil War. We get another look at it in a different figure set (Below).


By the looks of things they’ve decided to take of the golden spider-like legs that Protrude from his back in the comics, possibly to avoid any Dr Octopus confusion among casual movie goers. So does this mean we’ll see this suit come 2016 in Spidey’s big MCU debut?

So, that’s about it.

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Toy Fair reveals potential future Avenger’s costumes?

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