Russian Colossus to appear in Deadpool

So, today Daniel Cudmore revealed that he would not be reprising his role of colossus in the Deadpool movie set to be released next year via these two tweets;


I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t really come as a surprise to me as there is one small fact that everyone seemingly skipped over when first reporting this news. That fact is that in the original report from The Hollywood Reporter states that we will be getting a Russian incarnation of Colossus.


Yeah yeah, I know that doesn’t necessarily mean that they would need to recast Cudmore. The thing is; it just wouldn’t make sense that he plays the normal Colossus as well as this exaggerated Russian version of him, it would confuse the general movie going audience.

And if you want to be that guy that tells me;

“Well actually Zac; Colossus was never Russian, The Hollywood Reporter is just wrong.”

Yeah no, you’re wrong. A site like The Hollywood Reporter doesn’t make small mistakes that, and if they did they’d be quick to fix it. And in a Deadpool universe it makes sense to have satirical versions of beloved X-Men characters.

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Russian Colossus to appear in Deadpool

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