[Editorial] How Deadpool could join the MCU via Morena Baccarin’s character?


So, this is a thing I thought of.

At the moment, Morena Baccarin is playing an unnamed love interest for Deadpool in the upcoming 2016 movie. Let’s say for arguments sake (and for the sake of this editorial) that she is playing Mistress Death.


If you don’t know, Mistress Death is Marvel’s representation of death as a character. She has been known to appear as a beautiful woman, and let’s be honest who’s more beautiful than Morena. She was even teased at the end of The Avengers. Don’t remember that part? Let me refresh your memory.


In the mid credits scene, we see Herr Kleiser (that dude with the two thumbs) bitching to the back of a throne about how The Avengers kicked his army’s ass. The last thing he says is;

“To challenge them is to court death.”

And then the mad titan himself, Thanos, turns to face him with a smirk on his face. Whether or not Herr literally meant to court Mistress Death is a little up in the air, however this has been the popular theory amongst fans and from the look on Thanos’ face, that is his exact intentions.


As far as Death’s connection to Deadpool goes; Deadpool is being experimented on by the government and is close to dying. Wade (soon to be Deadpool) is totally ready to let go and die because Death has already promised to be with him for eternity. However, just as he’s about to go to be with her, his healing factor kicks in and he lives.


The Funeral for a Freak run expands on this in Deadpool volume #1 issues #61-64, where we also learn that Thanos (via T-ray) cursed Deadpool with life so he couldn’t die to be with Death and therefore Thanos could have her instead.

Deadpool’s realisation that Thanos is the reason he can’t be with Death would be the motivation for him to join the Avengers. Because, let’s face it, he probably would care otherwise.


It would be cool to see Fox make some kind of deal like Sony did. I know, I know, the Spider-Man deal was probably only made because Sony, as a company, isn’t doing all that well and Fox is just fine.

When you think about it though, the X-Men movies that are leading the charge right now are the ones with the younger cast being set in the 60’s, 70’s, and I believe Apocalypse is going to be set in the 80’s. While they are catching up to the modern day they still have a while to go and I’m pretty sure Deadpool isn’t going to be set in the 80’s.


There’s no reason Fox can’t just have Deadpool and the other characters from his movie separate to the actual X-Men universe and make a similar deal that Sony has. Sure they probably won’t, but wouldn’t it be awesome? It would line up with Jeremy Jahns’ suggestion on how to introduce the new Spider-Man (I’ll link that below), It would also fit that Daniel Cudmore won’t be returning to play Colossus. There is another factor in that re-casting that I wrote an article on check it out here:


Ok, so update:

While searching for images for this article I stumbled across an article made by Moviepilot back in August of 2014 that has the same kinda vibe (and starts with a paragraph that is very much “inspired” by a very specific scene from The Mask). Even though this editorial was my own thought, it’s no real surprise that there are other people out there thinking the same sort of thing.

images (1)

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Moviepilot’s editorial http://moviepilot.com/posts/2014/08/04/the-crazy-love-triangle-between-deadpool-death-and-thanos-2160566?lt_source=external,manual

[Editorial] How Deadpool could join the MCU via Morena Baccarin’s character?

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