My thoughts on the Lazer Team teaser


So the teaser for the first feature film (I’m not going to count The Schedule) from Rooster Teeth productions is upon us. So, I’m a massive RT fan and this movie is one of my most anticipated movies of the year, second to Kingsman. Let me tell you, the teaser doesn’t disappoint. Check it out (again).

I’m curious as to what true story this is based off. Regardless I’m going to say that it’s very loosely based off that story.

We get a glimpse of Joel Heyman as a reporter. I would think, since of all the Rooster Teeth employees he is the one with the most history and experience in acting, that he would have a larger role in the movie than a brief cameo, but this is just a teaser so who knows we may get much more of him.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m not psyched to see Vav and Mogar show off their acting chops. Gavin doesn’t really have any lines in this teaser, but Michael kills it with every line he delivers. I mean it does kinda seem like he’s just playing a version of himself in this universe, but hey, I’m not complaining.

One thing I don’t get at all is the helmet. Now, each of the four characters that stumble on to this advanced space suit (or whatever) takes a piece of it. From what I’ve heard the suit remains stuck to them, so there isn’t going to be any trading out between the group unfortunately. Each piece seems to have some cool use, except the helmet. I mean it could have like X-ray/thermal vision or something. What do you guys think?

Last point of order, I’m not sure how Michael’s character would be able to bang that blonde chick since those suits look like they’d take a while to put on, and probably longer to take off. I mean, I’m sure they at least have a fly or something so…I guess I could see it working.

P.S. Michael’s character is named Zach (yeah spelled with an h, but I’ll still take it).

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My thoughts on the Lazer Team teaser

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