Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie to be part of a revamped trilogy


While promoting Neill Blomkamp’s new movie, Chappie, Sky Movies juiced out some cool comments from Blomkamp and Sigourney Weaver.

Referring to how his new movie fits in to the current Alien movie continuity, Blomkamp said the following;

“I want this film to feel like it is literally the genetic sibling of Aliens, so it’s Alien, Aliens and then this film.”

As far as canon for the Alien movies goes, it would seem that Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection are no longer going to be included. Given what Blomkamp said about continuity and what Weaver has to say about the story it looks as if this new movie will round out a trilogy with a definitive end.


“I would love to take Ripley out of sort of orbiting around in space and give a proper finish to what was such an excellent story. So when someone like Neill Blomkamp said, ‘Well, I’m interested in finishing the story,’ my little ears perked up…I think it’s a great series. It deserves a proper ending-I know the fans would love that.”

To me, these comments just sound like they want to end Ripley’s story, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t see more Alien movies. If this movie does well (and let’s face it, it probably will) there’s no reason Blomkamp can’t return to make more sequels just surrounding other characters. Personally, I’m one of those people who thinks that it is possible to make a good Alien movie without Ripley, and if Fox bring Blomkamp back for any sequels, they couldn’t be in any better hands.

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Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie to be part of a revamped trilogy

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