Has Spidey already been mentioned in the MCU?

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So: I was watching The Winter Soldier in my down time the other day and something caught my eye, or ear or whatever.


Remember Cap’s little interrogation of Sitwell where he name drops a few threats to Hydra? The big one everyone was raving about at first was Doctor Strange; however he does name a few other interesting people. He says;

“-a high school valedictorian from Iowa City, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, anyone who’s a threat to Hydra.”

He also mentions something about a news anchor in Cairo, but who cares.

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This new city of origin (Iowa City) would piss off a lot of Peter Parker fans, but if it were Miles Morales’ new origin (while some Morales fans may still be a little annoyed) the general public won’t really think much of it.


Morales original grew up in Brooklyn, but I think they could work with him graduating at the top of his class in Iowa and getting accepted into a University in New York. This would explain why he was absent from the battle of New York in The Avengers and it would fit the fact that Sony are searching for a 19 year old Spider-Man.

According to Variety, Sony wants to take Spidey back to Midtown high so my theory might not (probably won’t) be the case at all. It’s likely that this seven word tease was used just to set up the possibility of Spider-Man being in the MCU and now that conversations of how to bring Spider-Man in have actually taken place they have to switch up their plans a little bit. Or perhaps this little tease is what sparked the conversation in the first place.

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Variety report: http://variety.com/2015/film/news/spider-man-new-movie-high-school-marvel-1201430231/

Has Spidey already been mentioned in the MCU?

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