What is happening tomorrow?


So: David Ayer (director of the up-coming Suicide Squad) Tweeted;

“Something will happen. Tomorrow. #skwad”

Well yeah, David. A lot is going to happen tomorrow.

Not knocking on the guy too much, because I actually like the casual nature of this post rather than RDJ’s announcement about how it’s going to be such a big deal. It does beg the question; what will David Ayer be doing tomorrow?

download (3)

Probably dishing out something Suicide Squad related for us, since that is pretty much all he’s been doing with his Twitter account recently. Also judging from the fact that just about every single tweet he’s ever made has #skwad attached to it, which seems to be his “cool” slang for Suicide Squad.

However I was not aware of this at first, so naturally I Googled skwad. Turns out it stands for Special Kids With A Disability. There are many ‘in poor-taste’ jokes to make about the characters of The Suicide Squad, I just know it.

Well I guess it’s better than abbreviating it to #SS, that might’ve caused a stir.


So what’s the ‘something’ going to be?

Maybe some concept art of what the characters will look like? That’d be pretty cool. Official images of the cast in make-up would be better, and since production is set to begin just next month it’s not that far-fetched either.

What do you think the ‘something’ will be?

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What is happening tomorrow?

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