Final Age of Ultron trailer coming soon (Very soon)


A 7 second announcement trailer for the final Age of Ultron trailer hit the web today, and it’s pretty cool.

It reveals that the new trailer will come Thursday the 5th (so Friday the 6th for us Aussies) and we get a couple of new shots from the movie.

 download (4)

First shot we see teases more of that Black Widow/Bruce Banner relationship or fling or whatever it is that’s going on there. We also get a shot of an entire floor of a building exploding from some kind of internal detonation. Next up is a shot of Cap casually strolling through what seems to be the facility we saw him kicking down doors of in the first trailer. And lastly we get a new shot of a couple of Ultron bots arriving at what looks to be a good place for a fight.

Now: I haven’t done the exact math, but I’m pretty sure this trailer lands on the same day as the big announcement that RDJ teased. So maybe this trailer is going to reveal something quite important.

What could it be, something related to The Vision maybe?


Personally I don’t want to see anything from The Vision, I like that (so far at least) they’ve been saving him for the movie.

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Final Age of Ultron trailer coming soon (Very soon)

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