My thoughts on the final Age of Ultron trailer


We got the new Age of Ultron trailer a day early but who’s complaining? Not this guy. Time to check out the new footage.


Is this a subtle nod to Namor and his army of blue Atlantians, or whatever his deal is?

 images (6)

Probably not, it’s probably just some sculpture that Whedon and the location team thought symbolises an element of the movie or something. I don’t know.


I really don’t know what’s going on here. I mean; when I first saw these retractable claw-like things, I couldn’t stop thinking of Wolverine and now you can’t either. Let’s be honest you were already thinking that anyway.


This isn’t a bad ensemble image, I mean I’ve seen better though. It’s just Black Widow and Hawkeye’s poses, they just look ridiculous. I can see around it.

The Maximoff twins


We get a quick but good look at Scarlett Witch using her powers on Black Widow, however…


These few images of Quicksilver are far more interesting to me.


You can kinda see that Cap has attacked Quicksilver by throwing his shield, and before he can even retract his arm from the throw Quicksilver knocks him on his ass. Looks like Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver is going to be far more physical and violent than Evan Peters’.


Check out that sexy, sleek new Iron Man armour.


Not sure that I’m digging the look of The Vision. I’m not really sure what it is, but he kinda looks like he’s made of plastic. Is this just me?

I do like the mechanical nature of the eyes though, they’re pretty cool.


This last image could contain a bit of a spoiler if you guys haven’t picked up on it yet.


Just a cool birds-eye view of The Avengers kicking the shit out of some Ultron bots, right? Well if you look a little bit closer you can see Scarlett Witch fighting alongside the team, but no Quicksilver.

Tony Stark even says “No way we all get through this.” Suggesting an Avenger may fall. I’m leaning more towards the notion that Quicksilver is going to die at the hand of Ultron giving Scarlett Witch the motivation to fight alongside the Avengers.

But hey that’s just me. What do you guys think of the trailer?

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My thoughts on the final Age of Ultron trailer

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