Tomorrowland trailer coming next week


The new Tomorrowland poster came online today. Not really that much to say about the poster itself other than “Yeah it looks pretty good.” With the poster, however, came the news that we’ll be getting the second trailer on the 9th of March (well 10th for me).


Not saying that this trailer has to be amazing, but it does land on my birthday. So I guess what I’m saying is; it better be bloody amazing.

Regardless of what we see from this new trailer, I’m still going to be stoked to see this imaginative movie from director Brad Bird. For the following reasons;

The guy supposably turned down directing Star Wars episode seven to work on this. That’s a ballsy move to turn down what would definitely make you a house hold name (or at least as house hold as directors get) to work on your own project. Apparently Mathew Vaughn also turned down episode seven to do Kingsman and we all know how well that went. Well, it went very well.

That confidence along with his directing history of the best Mission Impossible movie and a couple of great animated movies, will be reason enough for me to go and see this.

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Tomorrowland trailer coming next week

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