No Marvel at SDCC!?

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James Gunn recently revealed via Facebook that he would not be at San Diego Comic Con since Marvel will not be in attendance this year.


I don’t know about you, but it feels to me like Marvel is pulling a Ron Burgundy.


This news is sure to cause an uproar amongst fans. As someone who has never been able to attend SDCC I couldn’t really care less, but for those of you who will be upset by this news let’s discuss alternative events.

Remember when Marvel released their movie slate all the way through to 2019 at the El Capitan Theater? Well, that was essentially early Comic Con and there’s no reason they can’t do it again.

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It would kinda make sense for Marvel just to host their own SDCC-esque event and release information on their movies at their own time on their own terms. Personally I like the idea of Marvel hosting their own event each year. It would break up the flow of comic book movie news for the year, so instead of getting all the big announcements in one hit we get more and more as the year progresses.

And of course this may just be a one year break, since any cool titbits they could have released they had already with their slate announcement, and they’ll be back at SDCC next year.

What do you guys think about Marvel steering clear of the whale’s vagina? Do you like the notion of them hosting their own event?

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No Marvel at SDCC!?

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