Rush hour reboot finds its lead


Justin Hires (more commonly known as the gay guy that Channing Tatum punches in 21 Jump Street) has apparently landed the role of Carter in the Rush Hour reboot.


My question is; who could possibly replace Jackie Chan as Lee (for that matter, Hires has some pretty big shoes to fill following Tucker)? Wouldn’t it be great if they just had Chan return and just don’t even address is. I think that’d be pretty funny.

Also, am I the only one who didn’t know that they were even making a Rush Hour reboot? I mean there has been rumours going around sure, but I didn’t heard an official announcement. Generally the actor(s) playing the main character(s) will be announced at the same time that movie is, so maybe that’s what happened here with a little less emphasis on the fact that the movie has been greenlit. But hey, whatever.

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Rush hour reboot finds its lead

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