(RumourVille) Kylo Ren Solo?

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In episode 76 of The Weekly Planet podcast the host, James, read a fan email claiming (and I’m paraphrasing here) the following;

Adam Driver’s character is in fact Kylo Ren (the Sith from the trailer) as many have speculated, and that he is also Han and Leia’s son.

This information is coming from two guys that Ali (the fan) attended a wedding with, who supposable worked on the movie. So who knows, this could be total bullshit. Hence why I’m referring to this as a rumour for the time being.

Assuming that this is true, I like it. It brings a level of family conflict that is really intriguing to me. I mean we had the opposite kinda thing in the original trilogy, how the father was evil and Luke becomes a Jedi. In that though, Luke was completely unaware of that fact before he committed to the life of a Jedi knight. I could be wrong, but I feel like there would have to be some tragic event for Ren to turn evil.

Let’s just hope it’s a more compelling and believable story than Vader’s fall to the dark side.

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(RumourVille) Kylo Ren Solo?

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