Rogue Nation full length trailer is excellent


I’m not gonna lie the one minute teaser, for fifth installment of the M.I. franchise, really didn’t do much for me. Just while I’m on the subject of length in minutes; this trailer is two and a half minutes long, a length that by popular demand isn’t seen too often these days. It was really well paced though and did feel any longer than any other trailers I’ve seen lately.


That guy from 30 Rock is in it. He was pretty good in The Departed and Hunt for Red October, I like him. Not entirely sure who he’s supposed to be playing, but I am sure that he’ll nail the role.


There seems to be a giant toilet flush scene. Clearly a homage to Men in Black 2, right? That was pretty good. I’m curious as to what that actually was, probably the inner workings of a dam or something. If you know or have a theory, hit me up.


Masks are back baby. We finally get to see Benji dawn an inconspicuous disguise after itching to use one in this movie’s predecessor. I can’t really make out who he’s disguised as, but regardless he mustn’t have been very convincing as he appears to be captured.

In summary, perfect balance of action, comedy and tension. Everything I’d expect and hope for in a Mission Impossible movie.

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Rogue Nation full length trailer is excellent

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