[Editorial] Is Neill Blomkamp a “One Hit Wonder” director?


Blomkamp blew audiences away with his first full length feature, District 9, In 2009. Since then, opinions on his movies have been mixed. Rotten tomatoes scores of Blomkamp’s Elysium had a slight decline in popularity from his directorial debut. Now Chappie has come around and…well…let’s just say that it wasn’t well received.

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Unpopular opinion incoming…

Say what you will about the poor acting from certain characters, misleading trailer, and near identical ending as District 9, but I found Chappie to be much more enjoyable than Elysium. I don’t know, maybe I just prefer the notion of a sentient robot over a man with an exo-suit bolted to him. But also, Chappie had more fun elements in it. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a serious tone, but I feel that Elysium was lacking in any fun at all, whereas Chappie had a decent balance of both.

The release of Blomkamp’s follow up to the 1980’s Aliens movie could most likely be the deciding factor for many movie goers as to whether they’ll keep coming back for Blomkamp movies, or categorize him into the M. Night Shyamalan group of directors. Surely he knows this as well, so I’m confident in saying that this Aliens sequel will be great.

Personally I can’t wait to see how good of a director is his when working in an already established universe, rather than one of his own creation.

Are you keen for Blomkamp’s Alien movie, or has his more recent cinematic efforts made you doubt his talent for directing?

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[Editorial] Is Neill Blomkamp a “One Hit Wonder” director?

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