[Editorial] Could Andrew Garfield return as Peter Parker?


On a recent episode of AMC Mail Bag, John Campea brought up the very good point; that there actually hasn’t been any official confirmation that Garfield won’t return to the franchise, and that all the info coming out about casting has been purely based on rumours.

In all likely hood, Garfield won’t be returning. However, for the sake of argument let’s just say that he is. Here’s my take on how it could happen.


I know very little about the Miles Morales character, which is probably why I’m so keen to see him brought to the big screen. We’ve had two different cinematic interpretations of Peter Parker in the last ten years, time to which it up. The thing about Morales’ origin is that Peter Parker has a large role to play.

What I would love to see is that Miles Morales is the iteration of Spider-Man in the MCU movie that the character we appear in before his stand alone in 2017. Then when 2017 comes around, you can flesh out that relationship between Miles and Peter with Garfield reprising his role from the Amazing Spider-Man films as a supporting character.

So: If this is the case (it won’t be, but still) who would you like to play Miles Morales?

Of all the actors I’ve heard suggested for the role by fans, Roshon Fegan looks like the best fit.

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[Editorial] Could Andrew Garfield return as Peter Parker?

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