[Editorial] Why The Thing rocking his birthday suit is weird


So one of the most unusual aspects of the Fant4stic trailer that a bunch of people picked up on, was the fact that The Thing was missing his classic pants. And that, you know, he was missing clothes altogether.

The strange thing about this is that the cosmic rays he’s exposed to (or however the team will get their powers in this movie) doesn’t alter the fact that he is a human being. Rather it, using comic book logic, forces his bone structure, internal organs, and skin to increase in density and strength with this rock-like substance. Being a humanoid “Thing” he should still have all the same male features that he did before becoming The Thing.


And I mean sure, it looks like they’re going with a very different take on the transformation of the character. From the cacoon-like structure we see The Thing breaking out of in the trailer, and the banner we first saw about a week ago, it seems like there’s more of an emphasis on the fact that Ben Grimm’s transformation is more of a deformity. Perhaps a part of this deformation includes him having more Ken doll-like properties, if you know what I mean.

Either way, you’d think out of decency he would cover up.

Miles Teller has come out and told Screen Crush that we’ll be seeing the classic suits in the movie, so hopefully that will include Ben getting some shorts. Or maybe even that sweet one piece tank top suit he has from the Ultimates comic arc (which this movie is supposable taking inspiration from).


Man I hope not.

Overall I’m looking forward to this rendition of the Character. How about you? Are you on board with this version of The Thing, or is it a bit too weird for you?

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[Editorial] Why The Thing rocking his birthday suit is weird

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