Are Fant4stic’s cast commentaries damage control?


2015’s Fantastic 4 cast has had its backers and naysayers. 20th Century Fox has just released a couple of 45-60 second clips of commentary to try and convert the latter to the realisation that the cast they’ve recruited are right for their respective roles.

Though I have complete faith in the talent of the cast, I was a little worried from the trailer that some of them might not fit the character all that well. Well it was just Michael B Jordan to be honest. While he’s (in my personal opinion) the most talented of the four, the sombre vibe from the initial trailer just didn’t feel like Johnny Storm.

I guess you could say that about the movie as a whole, regardless Trank’s comments exploring Johnny’s personality are reassuring for me.


Question is; Are these cast commentaries a bit of a damage control move from Fox?

Answer: Well, yeah…probably. I can’t think of another reason as to why they would do such a thing.

As someone who has his doubts about the movie they work pretty well too, however they’re a little poorly timed in my opinion. After the positive buzz from the international trailer, I wouldn’t have thought that the movie needed the boost.

Have these commentaries altered your views of the casting, or were you on board from the beginning?

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Are Fant4stic’s cast commentaries damage control?

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