Cine-Stig-ma: Ryan Reynolds is a terrible actor

So this is an idea I had, Cine-Stig-ma. The basic premise being that I take a certain stigma related to a movie, movie franchise, actor, director, or whatever and discuss it a bit. Maybe I’ll write more of these maybe not, we’ll see.


So let’s kick things off with this stigma that Ryan Reynolds is only a pretty face. Granted this stigma is only held by the few these days, but I’m gonna talk about it anyway!

I feel like the Majority of the Minority who share this view, are coming off the back of the fact that Reynolds stared in two specific comic book movies that were…well, less than good. Oddly enough, it’s pretty much universally agreed that Reynolds was in fact the most watchable element of those movies, yet some people still blame him for the movie’s failure.

To all you people who still choose to think that Reynolds doesn’t have much to offer, all I have to say is keep an eye out for his performance in Woman in Gold. I saw the trailer for this movie, saw Reynolds and was all like;

“Wait was that Ryan Reynolds? Yeah, it was.”

This is a guy who has really transformed himself to portray this role of a lawyer from the 1940’s, or whatever it is exactly. Sure, the transformation isn’t quite on the extreme physical level as Bale in The Machinist or anything like that, but Reynolds is almost unrecognisable with the persona he conveys in this role. This movie is going to show off Reynolds’ versatility, and shut down any remaining naysayers out there.

To my knowledge this movie is currently not set to be distributed in Australia. Which is bullshit, I really want to see this.

images (1)

Now, hit me up with your hate comments about how Ryan Reynolds is a terrible actor. My body is ready.

Or, you know, if you’re a rational human being a positive comment would be cool too.

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Cine-Stig-ma: Ryan Reynolds is a terrible actor

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