The first Jurassic World clip is pretty average

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Treading water between trailers, Universal recently released the first clip of Jurassic World, and it’s pretty shithouse. Okay so it’s not all that bad, I just take issue with a couple of things in it.

Look, I really like Chris Pratt and he gives a great performance in this scene, but from this clip it looks as if he’s just playing a version of Star Lord who grew up on earth and got into the dinosaur scene. I mean the guy is a versatile actor, he can play that kind of Muldoon character. Instead Universal seems to be pandering to the fans of Guardians of the Galaxy. Which I don’t blame them for, it’s an intelligent move. I would just prefer to see a more rough around the edges, hunter-esque character rather than this carefree guy. Of course this is just a minute long clip, and he could portray more serious elements of his character when shit starts hitting the fan. At least I hope so.

Bryce Dallas Howard’s performance, on the other hand, felt really flat to me. Granted (again) that it is just a short clip from a long movie. She could be completely amazing in every other scene, we’ll have to wait and see. The thing is; I haven’t seen anything she’s been in since Spider-man 3. Well, actually…that’s a lie. I’ve seen a couple of movies that she’s been in since then, however her roles have been supporting roles and she certainly wasn’t memorable in them. Hopefully, in this more prominent role, she can give us a better performance than she did with Gwen Stacy. This scene makes me a little doubtful of that, though.

All in all, I’m really looking forward to this movie. I just really enjoy the franchise and want this movie to be as good as it can be, probably why I’m being so critical.

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The first Jurassic World clip is pretty average

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