Cine-Stig-ma: Titling clips and TV spots

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So, this isn’t so much of a stigma as it is a personal rant, however I feel that a lot of you will share this opinion. The Jurassic World clip is what got me stewing about this, and I wrote my thoughts on the clip itself if you feel so inclined you can check that one out, but I digress.

All the different YouTube channels that uploaded that Jurassic World clip had a different title for it, one of which tricking me into thinking that it was a new clip (bloody annoying). The socially acceptable way all clips and TV spots should be titled is that they should simply have the title; Clip 1 or TV spot 1 etc. Then if you feel so inclined, you can had a sub-title. A lot of people do follow this way of titling their clip/TV spots, however not everyone does and it only take one person not following this system to be misleading.

I guess this is just going to have to be a bit of a learning curve for me to just take caution when stuff like this gets released. And for any of you that share this frustration with me, a tip I would have would be to subconsciously take note of the dialogue and events of the clip/TV spot, and try to determine whether subsequent titles for clips/spots released around the same time could have been derived from that.

If you have another tip I’d be interested in hearing it, because I hate this kind of shit.

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Cine-Stig-ma: Titling clips and TV spots

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