Ruffalo vaguely confirms Hulk’s future after Age of Ultron

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In a recent interview with IGN, Mark Ruffalo very briefly and vaguely spoke on where things might be heading;

Ruffalo: “I think there’s a lot of places to go with him [Hulk].”

IGN: “Space?”

Ruffalo: “Well he’s going to space. Yeah, I mean there’s some talk of maybe Planet Hulk.”

While a Planet Hulk movie would be awesome, it is far from green lit at this point. However, Ruffalo’s comment that “-he’s going to space.” seemingly confirms the popular theory that this situation will play out in Age of Ultron. Probably related to the satellite that follows Banner around containing the Hulk buster armour.

Does this mean that he will pop up in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel in 2017? Personally I would love for them to put in one shot with hulk flying passed in the background and just don’t even address it, however it would probably make more sense to work him into the movie in some way. A way I think would be cool would be to have Hulk all pissed off due to The Avengers launching him into space, then have transition from hero to villain in Guardians 2 setting up him helping out Thanos in Infinity War.

What do you think of Hulk heading into space, and what direction do you think they might take?

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Ruffalo vaguely confirms Hulk’s future after Age of Ultron

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