Age of Ultron clip 1: Is the Hulkbuster armour Vibranium?

You know I’m gonna talk about this clip. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out here, courtesy of CBR Trailers

At the start of the clip we get a bit of Iron Man’s theme from his third movie. Which makes sense, since Brian Tyler scored the two. It’s kinda reminiscent of how we got Captain America’s theme in the first Avengers movie. Personally I would like to see (or hear, I guess) all of the Avengers’ themes throughout the movie, however it’s more likely that only Iron Man will get this treatment in Age of Ultron. Because we really needed more of an emphasis on Iron Man…but whatever, I like it.

We see Stark’s satellite thing that houses the Hulkbuster. I can see that thing picking up hulk and launching him into space, keeping in mind that’s still just a fan theory. But it was pretty great to see Hulk tearing apart the armour and having it replaced by spare parts from his little satellite thing. That has to run out pretty quickly though, right?


Contrary to what I just said about Hulk tearing Hulkbuster to shreds, the final fist on fist blow results in some kind of shockwave (I guess, I’m not a scientist). This really shouldn’t happen, Hulk should tear straight through that arm and pull Iron Man out of his cosy little cacoon and toss him to the other side of the city. Fight over…done.

The only way that Stark could prevent this from happening would be if the Hulkbuster armour (or at least some of it) is made of Vibranium. That’s the only conclusion I can think of that doesn’t end with Hulk absolutely obliterating Stark in one blow. Probably not going to happen though, chop it up to comic book science, or whatever.

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Age of Ultron clip 1: Is the Hulkbuster armour Vibranium?

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