Great look at the Batffleck suit in Batman v Superman teaser trailer teaser


Zack Snyder tweeted the first 20 seconds of the Batman v Superman teaser. Well that was 15 seconds more than I was expecting, what a nice surprise.

There really isn’t much to this teaser for the teaser, and reusing the same shot of the Superman suit from man of steel is kind of a cop out. However, we do get an awesome look at the Bat suit sitting in a compartment that looks somewhat similar to the one Sup’s is in.

This is probably a suit storage compartment Wayne has in his mansion or something along those lines. Wouldn’t it be cool if we’re actually seeing some kind of Justice League suit room from the end of the movie or something, probably not the case but it’d be pretty good.

The full teaser will be having a bunch of IMAX screenings on the 20th in various states in America, and with the run time set to be 2 minutes and 6 seconds it should give us plenty more to get hyped about. If this teaser is even close to being on par with the Man of Steel ones, I’ll be very pleased.

Now if someone could just buy me a ticket to these exclusive screenings of the trailer in IMAX (and for a flight to the states) that’d be great…


Although, the teaser will probably go up online a few hours (or days at most) after the screenings. So…maybe don’t do that.

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Great look at the Batffleck suit in Batman v Superman teaser trailer teaser

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