(Spoiler-free, of course) Avengers: Age of Ultron review…of sorts…I guess


Man, it’s good to be back.

It’s so hard to talk about this movie without going into spoilers, but I’ll do my best.

The opening scene is great (but we’ll get to that in a bit). Right from the get-go you know this movie is going to be fun and it is, however it certainly is much darker than any previous Marvel movie. A lot of that is probably due to Scarlet Witch, she brings an aspect to this movie that’s nudging closer to horrific and kinda supernatural. Man, just saying, if we get stuff along those lines in Doctor Strange I’ll be very happy.

This movie is choc-a-block full of heroes, yet it is so perfectly well balanced that it never feels crowded. I can’t see how they’ll top that aspect in Civil War, and also I can’t wait to.

Everyone has been saying that Hawkeye is so amazing in this movie and he is, but honestly his action sequences from the first Avengers movie were probably better than the ones in this movie. Hawkeye is definitely utilised much better here, but it’s coming more from a character development stand point. This is not a bad thing don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t want you guys going in with misleading expectations like I did.

That brings me on to the topic of character development. There’s a surprising amount of it, again the whole not being crowed thing applies here too. Without going too far into it, the most notable development is given to Hawkeye as I mentioned, but also Black Widow and Banner too.

Kevin Feige also teased us with a new “secret female character”, however I counted 3 unexpected female characters. I’m curious how many you count when you see it.

The score was my biggest concern going into this movie. On its own, it sounded a bit like a faulty collage of Brian Tyler’s Iron Man 3 score mixed with Alan Silvestri’s score from the first Avengers movie with a little Spider-Man/Men in Black sprinkled on top from Danny Elfman. However let me tell you, it works so well with the movie. It does have elements of character’s scores from previous movies, as well as a tease of what we may be hearing in Black Panther’s standalone come 2017 (and probably Civil War come to think of it). That tease is just before the introduction of a new character by the way, so keep an ear out for that.

The only real negative I had with this movie is that the opening scene had a fare bit of noticeable CGI, but it’s such a fun scene that you forgive it. Also a few of the jokes early on fell a little bit flat. I stress the word few there, the majority of the jokes got at least a chuckle from the audience (myself included, of course).

Overall, having seen this movie twice now, I’d say that I honestly like a bit more than The Avengers. That being said, I am running off the high of having just returned from seeing it. In two years’ time I might revert back to the original.

If you too live in a country that was lucky enough to have the movie released on the 23rd of April and want to delve into some juicy spoilers, I’ll probably post something along those lines tomorrow.

And if for some bizarre reason this is the first post of mine to receive a comment please avoid spoilers for our American mates, cheers.

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(Spoiler-free, of course) Avengers: Age of Ultron review…of sorts…I guess

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