Stephen Amell in costume as Casey Jones for TMNT 2


We got a few glimpses of Amell on set with his car earlier this week, but now Michael Bay has given us our first official look of Casey Jones, mask and all.

This looks like a perfect Casey Jones for this style of TMNT. Personally I would have preferred if he had the characters classic longer hair, but I think he can pull off a great Casey without it.

Full disclaimer; I didn’t see the first Bay produced TMNT movie, but from what I gathered from what I did see is that Will Arnett and Megan Fox’s characters had a bit of a romantic vibe. If you’re unaware; Casey Jones and April O’Neil are a thing, they’re a couple. Obviously they aren’t yet in this universe. So they’re probably going to tease the beginnings of their relationship in this movie, slowly nudging Will Arnett out of the picture. They’re probably going to play around with that idea, but I’m not going to buy a tense love triangle between these three at this point. I mean come on, it’s Stephen Amell.

This look from Amell, along with shredder being recast as the former Drift King, Brian Tee, and the fact that it seems like we’re going to be getting the actual Foot Clan rather than a team of mercenaries, I might actually see this movie.

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Stephen Amell in costume as Casey Jones for TMNT 2

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