The final two contenders to become the new Spider-Teen

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If you’ve been keeping up with all the Marvel casting news surrounding Spider-Man that’s being going around lately, you’ll know that there has been a short-list of actors that are supposably in talks for the role. The list included; Timothee Chamalet, Asa Butterfield, Tom Holland, Nat Wolff, and Liam James.

Now, Devin Faraci from Badass Digest is saying (according to his sources) it’s down to Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland.

Other than doing a quick YouTube search, I have seen absolutely nothing Holland has done and as for Butterfield; I’ve only seen Enders Game, which I didn’t really like him in. I know that you can’t really judge an actor’s ability from just one performance so who knows, maybe he’d be a great Peter Parker, but for now I’m backing Holland.

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I feel like this kid will be able to hold his own up against the likes of Robert Downey Jr and the rest of the Marvel crew. Again, that’s not to say Butterfield couldn’t, I just think Holland would be a bit better at it. And judging from a couple of interviews and other assortments of videos I’ve checked out recently, Holland expresses similar mannerisms you’d expect to see from a Peter Parker, so it feels like a natural fit.

However, since Latino Review has reported that “Marvel had liked [Butterfield] since day one”, this may be a little out of reach. I remain hopeful though.

Considering the new Spider-Man is reportedly needed on set on Civil War in the next few weeks for shooting, it wouldn’t surprise me if Marvel have already cast the role and just haven’t released the information publicly yet.

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The final two contenders to become the new Spider-Teen

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