New release date for live action Power Rangers

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Lionsgate have recently come out and changed their release date for the live action Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (not the official title by the way). I wasn’t even aware that this project had a release date to being with but apparently the original date was July 16, 2016. Now it’s been pushed back a couple of months to 13th of January 2017, the month movies go to die (if you’re not already aware of this concept).

As far as the date change goes; it makes a lot of sense to take it out of July so the movie doesn’t get lost in the shuffle between Star Trek 3 and the Ghostbusters reboot, however sending it to January is a little worrying. It could be nothing, maybe that’s the only slot Lionsgate had. But at face value it makes it look as if the studio doesn’t have faith in the movie, and unless the movie is a gigantic success, January is really going to dilute the number of audience members.

Dean Israelite is in talks to direct the movie. He recently gave us the outstandingly average Project Almanac. Yeah, this doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence. The writers on the other hand…they’re pretty good. The writers in question are Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller; who recently teamed up to write the likes of X-men: First class-y movie that saved the franchise, and the 2011’s Thor.

Don’t be expecting anything along the lines of the POWER/RANGERS short that was floating around a few months ago, from what I’ve heard Lionsgate are taking a direction that’s more skewed towards children. I mean…I still want to see it though.

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GO GO POWER RAN – I’m sorry…I’ll stop.

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New release date for live action Power Rangers

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