[Editorial] Spider-Man NOT in Captain America: Civil War?

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Marvel recently gave us a rather comprehensive list of actors/characters that will be appearing in the highly anticipated Captain America sequel, However there are a few characters that haven’t made the cut. The most noted absence in the cast release was of course, Spider-Man. Other than the fact that this isn’t a final cast list, his absence could be due to numerous reasons…

The first of which being that he may not be in the movie at all. Yes, it’s well known that he will appear in a Marvel movie prior to his solo outing, and yes, it’s more likely to be in Civil War than Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, or Guardians 2. However, it is still unconfirmed exactly which movie the new Spidey will pop up in or the magnitude of the role. It’s entirely possible that he could appear in nothing more than a post-credits scene, in a similar vein of the fake Spider-Man scene that was rumoured to be attached to AoU.

Just to reiterate; it’s fake, Joss Whedon confirmed its illegitimacy at a press conference in Europe.

The other reason would be that he hasn’t been cast yet. As of yet, Marvel haven’t revealed who is going to play Peter Parker let alone what movie he will appear in. Rumour is that Marvel has two scripts for Civil War; one containing Spider-Man and one without him. If this is in fact true, it would seem that he would only have a small role (if any) in the movie.

The third, and purely speculated reason that I have and choose to believe until proven otherwise is; an actor has landed the role of Peter Parker and Marvel is just going to sit on it for a while.

“That seems pretty logical. Where’s the speculation in all of that?”-You

Well, what I hope they’ll do is have Spider-Man in Civil War (in a minor role) and reveal the actor playing him in the movie rather than an official announcement. I feel like that would be a nice little surprise coming from someone who follows cast news fairly closely. Also, it would be a cool adaptation Spidey’s identity reveal from the comic in an interesting way rather than just regurgitating the same scenario on the big screen.


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I hope we get more of this guy (played by Aaron Himelstein). He had brief but great roles in Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron as a random S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. He’s already a personal favourite of mine, and with a little more screen time I can easily see him becoming a fan favourite as well.

And Quicksilver’s not on the list either. I wonder why that is? Man…he must be busy…rebuilding Sokovia…or something. Am I right…guys?

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Source: http://marvel.com/news/movies/24586/marvel_studios_begins_production_on_marvels_captain_america_civil_war

[Editorial] Spider-Man NOT in Captain America: Civil War?

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