Harley Quinn’s voice in Suicide Squad


Slightly old news at this point so a lot of you are probably already more than aware of this, but recently CBM.com ran an article containing some fan-obtained behind the scenes images and footage of Suicide Squad. About five seconds into the second video on the post (with the caption “Take two #suicidesquad crew filming right outside my condo.”) there is a glimpse of what may be Harley Quinn’s voice.

It’s really hard to make out just exactly what she is saying, but it certain does sound like Harley speaking. Whilst I’m still warming up to the look of her in this movie, the voice is dead-on. Margot Robbie bloody nails the squeaky, cheerful, yet also a bit psychotic voice of the love-able misfit that is Harley Quinn (no surprise there).

Any thoughts on what is/might be saying in what appears to be some kind of evacuation scene?

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Source: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/MarvelFreshman/news/?a=120226

Harley Quinn’s voice in Suicide Squad

4 thoughts on “Harley Quinn’s voice in Suicide Squad

  1. Watched the Instagram clip but could hardly make out anything. The look of all the characters, even The Joker, isn’t my greatest concerns. It’s whether David Ayer can actually make a good movie.


      1. Sabotage wasn’t great but it might have been based on the original ending I’ve read. His other works (behind the camera) have all shared some what a similar trait. Always being good but never great. SS might be the first. I hope.


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