Curious attire for Cap and Agent 13 on set of Civil War

A few images of Cap and Agent 13 hit the internet today, courtesy of Just Jared. Anthony Mackie’s Falcon also popped up, but there’s not really much to say there other than…sweet.

On the other hand; Cap and Agent 13’s attire is very interesting. The clothes that Chris Evans and Emily VanCamp are wearing are dark and gloomy, insinuating that they are attending a funeral. Very reminiscent of the few funeral scenes in the comic. The question is; is this funeral scene for the collateral damage at the beginning of the story, or is it for the death of a hero?



My first thought would be the collateral damage option, however given this image (below) it looks like Cap may even conduct the eulogy. Seems a little too personal for the former, but then again it is Cap we’re talking about here.


I don’t know about you guys, but to me, these images provide evidence to the notion that Cap and Stark’s opinions on the registration act will be the inverse of what there were in the comic. That is to say; Cap will be for the registration and Stark will be against it.

Keep in mind that this is pure speculation at this point, but given Stark’s track record of not being all about the government, and that these images mirror scenes from the comic that seem to replace Stark with Cap, it kind of makes sense.

Also there’s this…

*EXCLUSIVE* **SHOT ON 5/1315** Atlanta, GA - Chris Evans has a laugh with a crew member while checking out his last scene on the small screen before shooting another take, today he looked dapper wearing a dark suit with matching dress shoes. AKM-GSI            May 14, 2015 To License These Photos, Please Contact : Steve Ginsburg (310) 505-8447 (323) 423-9397 or Maria Buda (917) 242-1505

Pretty sure this is just an in between scenes shot (as all of these probably are), but I hope they play into this a little bit. You know, like Cap is listening to the Troubleman album or something.

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Curious attire for Cap and Agent 13 on set of Civil War

One thought on “Curious attire for Cap and Agent 13 on set of Civil War

  1. Also, it just occurred to me that when we last see Emily VanCamp’s character she is making her way through the recruiting process for the CIA. Just another connection Cap has to the government. I feel like that will come into play.


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