First look of Crossbones in Captain America Civil War

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Frank Grillo A.K.A. Brock Rumlow A.K.A. Crossbones just gave us an image of him as Crossbones on the set of Civil War.


My initial thought was “It looks like pretty average cosplay.” I do like the costume though, it does look pretty cool. It just doesn’t seem like a natural progression from his character in Winter Soldier. But I guess that’s what happens when you get your entire body burnt to ash.

I am a fan of the metallic boxing gloves. I was wondering how he could hold his own against Cap after being trounced with ease in the elevator scene, this is the answer I guess. To his credit; he was the last man standing in that scene, good on him.

I feel like Crossbones is going to be the “Winter Soldier” of this movie. Yeah, Sebastian Stan is returning as Bucky, that’s not what I mean. I mean that he is going to be the villain that just pops up randomly to destroy some shit and keep the heroes on edge, and then disappears just as swiftly. Like, you know…the Winter Soldier or Jason Statham from Furious 7.

Overall all I do like this look, but I’m curious what you guys think of it. I feel like there’s going to be mixed reactions here. Keep it friendly though…


Yeah, I just wanted to shoehorn that image in. I love it.

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First look of Crossbones in Captain America Civil War

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