[Editorial] How to improve Mad Max: Fury Road

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Ambitious title given the movie has 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, right? Well let’s just take a second to think about it.

I should probably start off by saying that I loved Fury Road and that it is absolutely one of my favourite movies of the year. But no movie is perfect. Fury Road – for example – feels way too long. Granted it’s not a feeling of “Damn, I wish this would just end” but the last 30-odd minutes didn’t need to be there and in my opinion would have made the movie better if it wasn’t a part of it.

There is no redemption in the apocalypse, only survival. That’s the message this movie could have had and I would have loved that. Instead, we were given the happiest ending you can have in this scenario. This is the only Mad Max movie that I’ve seen, so I don’t know if my dream message for this film would do the franchise justice. But I was really hoping for an absence of hope in this dystopian world.

Here’s my pitch for an alternate ending; Furiosa, the wives, Nux, and the band of crazy old ladies drive off leaving Max with his bike. You see a Tarantino style foot-fetch shot of Max kick-starting the bike and then cut to credits. I don’t know, I think it would be pretty good to leave it with no clear future for the characters.

That being said, that hero shot of Max kicking Immortan Joe’s corpse off the car and Nux’s sacrifice were both pretty great. Ah…spoilers, whoops.

How about you, do you like that Furiosa and the wives got some sweet, sweet revenge? Do you have alternate ending of your own? Or do you just hate me for spoiling parts of the movie for you, because you decided to read this before you saw it…for some reason? Let’s hear it.

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[Editorial] How to improve Mad Max: Fury Road

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