(RumourVille) Matthew McConaughey in the MCU?

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Coming off the reports last week that McConaughey has been reading scripts from both DC and Marvel, this whole thing has unravelled.

McConaughey is that high-calibre type of actor that Marvel looks to fill their roles, so I wouldn’t be surprised that he’s in talks for a part. Rumour is that he’s in talks to play Norman Osborn, presumably in the 2017 Spider-Man movie.

Keep in mind this could be total Bull$#%T, I will admit this is a pretty dodgy source. But they did have some pretty accurate information on Age of Ultron from a source in the business weeks prior to any press screening, so who knows. Not me, but I like the notion. How about you, do you think he’s a good fit or is there someone else you’d like to see in the role?

Even if this is true, let’s also keep in mind that just because he’s apparently in talk with Marvel doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen. Honestly, I’m now more interested in what scripts he’s been reading for DC.

Oh, and there’s been some more Civil War set photos. I took the liberty of cherry picking the very best for you guys.


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(RumourVille) Matthew McConaughey in the MCU?

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