First official trailer for the Point Break reboot


Hmm…so this is a thing. Let’s talk about why this isn’t so great and why I’m probably going to see it anyway.

Here’s a good place to start, cheers for showing us the climax on the cliff edge. Probably not though let’s be honest, they can’t be that facetious, right? More likely, we’re seeing the moment in which Bodhi and Utah are fully aware of who each other are and Bodhi feels the need to give Utah a quick adrenaline rush to prove a point. Although that wave shot in the middle of the trailer did seem a bit reminiscent of the finale in the original movie, so maybe we saw the climax after all.

I don’t like that Utah comes up with the theory that the criminals in question are Adrenaline junkies or “Extreme athletes” as Utah puts it. I prefer the angle that there’s another character (Busey) who has this theory and no one really believes him. That way he has to convince Utah–and us, the audience–that this is what’s going on. It gives us a way to buy into the story. And just while we’re on it, I’d love to have Gary Busey back. Playing the same character again and you know what, the head of the F.B.I. as well. No explanation, he’s just both of those guys.

I do like Delroy Lindo. I think he’s great in just about everything and he’ll probably be great in this. But here’s the really good part. It’s so different from the source material that it’s become its own thing. It’s the World War Z scenario, though there are some key points the movie is going to try to touch on like;

“Yeah, this is Point Break.”

It’s really not, though.

If you hate it, sweet, I understand. But I’m going to give it a shot…tentatively.

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Source: Warner Bros. Pictures (Via

First official trailer for the Point Break reboot

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