Tron sequel not going ahead

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I should probably preface this by saying; yeah a sequel was in the works. Not anymore though, so forget I even mentioned it.

I wasn’t a big fan of the 2010 Tron Legacy to be totally honest. I felt it had some really great elements to it, but overall could have been executed better. I get if you liked it, there’s a lot to like. Especially if you’re a fan of Tron. I wasn’t though, so this news of not going ahead with a sequel didn’t really rub me one way or the other. But then…


Apparently Jared Leto was in talks to join the cast. Ok, now I wish this was still going head. Leto could have—and probably would have—brought this franchise up a level, if you will. Granted one actor’s performance wouldn’t necessarily save a franchise, but it would have been a great addition to what already had some good things going for it.

Remain optimistic people. I mean it was only, what, 30-odd years to get legacy in the first place? Give it another 25 or so and we’ll have our sequel. Just in time for everyone who wants it now to be too old to care for action movies and complain about the volume.

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Tron sequel not going ahead

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