[Editorial] Let’s pump the brakes on this whole Spider-Man casting ordeal

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So apparently the reports going around that Asa Butterfield nailed the role of Peter Parker were a little unfounded. No surprise there. He’s still in the mix and may indeed get the role. But as was suggested in this title, let’s just step back and relax about it for a second.

Look, when Marvel is ready to announce who’s playing Peter Parker, they’ll announce it. With Civil War very much in production and a stand-alone Spider-man movie set for 2017, I’d be shocked if they haven’t cast him yet. Keep in mind that there’s no confirmation that Spider-Man will in fact be in Civil War, it’s just highly assumed and could very well be true, granted. But if he is going to be in Civil War, it’s very unlikely that Marvel/Sony are still headhunting. I maintain that they should keep who’s been cast under wraps and reveal it to the public in whatever Marvel movie it is he ends up being in before “Spider-Man: Again? Yeah, it’ll be good I swear” comes out in 2017. I don’t think that’s the official title. I’d like it to be, though.

So, here’s the (new) short-list that The Hollywood Reporter have brought to the scene; Asa Butterfield, Tom Holland, Judah Lewis, Matthew Lintz, Charlie Plummer, and Charlie Rowe.

I’m barely familiar with these young actors, but if I had to take by pick from the list, it’d be Tom Holland. I feel like this kid is mature way beyond his years and would be able to play off the star-studded cast of the MCU very well. Not that the others couldn’t, like I said, just my pick. Also, of the actors on the short-list, he seems the most like Peter Parker to me.

I’m curious, of the 6 listed above, which would be your pick for Spider-man and why?

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Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/spider-man-hopefuls-screen-test-798995

[Editorial] Let’s pump the brakes on this whole Spider-Man casting ordeal

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