One minute Ant-Man TV Spot

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see these kind of articles for Ant-Man I steer clear of them, because they always say that the spot contains new footage and it’s almost never true. It’s true this time! Unless you’re reading this a few months after it’s been posted or after you’ve seen Ant-Man. In which case…why?

Honestly, this is the first promotional material that’s actually getting me excited to see the movie. The music probably has a big part to play there. Speaking of…interesting choice of music here. 2020 by Suuns, pretty good. There’s a couple of moments in the spot where it is a little more dominate than I’d necessarily like, but for the most part it works really well.

There’s one scene teased in this spot that I want to see more than the rest. That being the shot of Ant-Man diving over the hood of a car, classic action movie trope. The difference here being that it actually a model replicate of a car. As if they set up a model representation of the scene and went;

“You know what, let’s just film it like this.”

Seems a little fourth-wall breaking, but I love that. I want to know the context of that already.

I really like Michael Pena and I think he’s going to be fantastic in this. However, I’m curious as to how much of a role he’s going to have in this movie. In the first trailer we saw a shot of him in a suit with a machine gun and in other short clips we’ve seen him helping out Paul Rudd’s, Scott Lang in a heist scene.

Clearly he’s a close friend of Scott’s. Hopefully the movie doesn’t focus on their friendship at the beginning and then just kind of forget about Pena towards the end. The shot in which he’s rocking the suit and gun suggests that that won’t be the case, I just have a bit of a feeling about this. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

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One minute Ant-Man TV Spot

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