Short-list of directors for Marvel/Sony’s Spider-Man

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Spider-Man is the talk of the town right now and today is no exception. Though thankfully it’s not about casting of the titular character but rather who will direct the film. Deadline has offered up a short-list of directors that are in talks for the task of bring this character to life (for the 3rd time (cinematically at least)).

The short-list of directors is; Johnathan Levine, Ted Melfi, John Francis Daley, Johnathan M Goldstein, and Jon Watts.

A lot of John’s in the mix. Or at least variations of the name. What’s up with that…nothing? Alright then, moving on.

By the sounds of things Daley and Goldstein are in talks to direct in tandem. Which would make sense as they have worked together in the past and are currently working on the reboot/sequel of the beloved Vacation franchise.


Personally, I like Johnathan Levine, 50/50 is one of my favourite movies of all time and Warm Bodies was fantastic. The characterisation of the curious teenager (played by Nicholas Holt) in Warm Bodies was an outstanding element in that movie from both a performance and writing standpoint, and I can see it translating over well to the character of Peter Parker.

There’s really no wrong answer as to who should helm the Spidey movie come 2017 and I certainly don’t envy Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige for having to ultimately decide. But of the proposed, who would you like to see direct the web-slinging-city-slicker?

If you couldn’t tell from the article, I’d back Levine.

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Short-list of directors for Marvel/Sony’s Spider-Man

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