Southpaw trailer 1.0

So, the “second” trailer for southpaw came out the other day. I mean, there’s a lot of complaining going around lately (mostly from me) about not getting new footage in recurring trailers, but this trailer brings it to a whole other level. Seriously, watch the new trailer followed by the first;

I feel like this “trailer” release is a knee jerk reaction from all the buzz surrounding The Walk, Everest, Z for Zachariah, and Macbeth. All films are probably going to be Oscar contenders and it really seems that the release of Southpaw’s trailer 2 (1.0) is a “Hey! We’re still here…remember.” kind of move. Since I’m writing about it…I guess it worked?

Whatever, I’m looking forward to seeing all of these and will see them all anyway, so…

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Southpaw trailer 1.0

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