Inside Out behind the scene video teases Michael Giacchino’s score

I’ve been itching to see this movie since the release of the first trailer. After hearing that Michael Giacchino was composing the score for the film I was sold tenfold.

I bloody love Michael Giacchino. He’s one of the best composers working today and lately he’s had no shortage of work. Recently he worked with Bard Bird on Tomorrowland and also with Colin Trevorrow on Jurassic World. As fantastic as those two scores are, let’s talk about the one we really haven’t heard much of, Inside Out.

We’ve heard glimpses of Giacchino’s score throughout various trailers to date, but we haven’t had the pleasure of listening to the score on its own…until now.

Though each piece is very brief, we can get a much better idea of the overall sound of the film, which Giacchino himself described as being “more emotional” than his work on UpFitting, given the premise of this movie. Since I haven’t seen Up or heard the score from it, Giacchino’s comment here means pretty much nothing to me. However the score for Up won an Oscar, so expect great things from Inside Out is what I’m saying.

Also, the guys over at Pixar Post recently broke down the music from a couple of trailers to unveil the underline character tones within it (linked below). Pretty good.

Oh, and there’s another behind the scenes video if you like seeing/hearing actors repeat their lines over and over as you slowly start to lose your mind.

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Source (around the 9:30 min mark):

Inside Out behind the scene video teases Michael Giacchino’s score

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