(Spoilers) Jurassic World pseudo-review

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to see Jurassic World by now. If not, see ya later, because there’s a couple of specific things about this movie that I want to get into. This is probably going to be a long one by the way. I definitely wouldn’t read it all. So if you don’t, I won’t be all that offended. Anyway, let’s do it.


First of all, I loved that the sliding glass doors for the Product Placement Innovation Centre was an Electrophoresis ladder with an inexplicable number of base pairs. There’s probably molecules that have such drastic variety in lengths of their PCR fragments and I’m just unaware of them. It doesn’t matter either way, because you know what, it was nice to look at. And yes, I had to cite my Biochemistry book for the majority of that. Hopefully it didn’t come across as pretentious. More importantly, hopefully it was at least close to being accurate.

But in a similar vein to that, I liked the way they addressed that not all the dinosaurs represented in the movie are exactly historically accurate. The point of the matter being; we want to see what we want to see, and boy do we get to?

Yes, yes we do.


The characterisation of the Raptors was great. Right from the first scene—where Owen is practising for what could potentially be a show for audiences—you get the feeling that the Raptors are like;

“We hate this. But we have to put up with this for now.”

Which kind of makes me question Blue’s motivation for not killing Owen, Claire and the kids when Indominus wanted him to. But then, Owen did take that collar off him, so what do I know?


Jake Johnson was probably my favourite part of the whole movie. He was a fan of the original park and by proxy was the character for the fans (and probably the audience as a whole) to connect with the most. And, along with all his dinosaur figures, he had a copy of Ian Malcom’s book, which was…amazing.

Speaking of, there was a surprising amount of fanfare in this movie. Not just the more in-your-face moments like the fact that the characters end up in the original park at one point, or the holographic peacock-lizard thing from the first movie. But there’s others, such as the DNA guy being voiced By Colin Trevorrow himself and in the same scene did you catch that hologram of the skeletal structure of a Gallimimus running? You probably did, but if you didn’t, or aren’t sure about the significance of it, well, I’ll let you look that one up. The point is; nice Trevorrow, nice.

The most significant critique I have on this movie (other than I felt like the older brother wasn’t very good) is that it’s kind of all three Jurassic Park movies in one. Which may not even be a critique, because it may have been intended. There is also the more likely option that I don’t know what the F#$K I’m talking about, but bear with me a second.

download (4)

So, the title of the movie is Jurassic World, as in the name of the park. But it could also mean that this movie is just one big homage to the universe (or “world” if you will) of the Jurassic Park movies. Seriously. As well as the immense amount of fanfare that I’ve already mentioned, you have three key beats from this movie’s predecessors here;

  1. There’s the awe and wonder from the first, with the park finally being open
  2. The militaristic angle from the second, with Vincent D’Onofrio and his D%@khead mates
  3. Finally there’s the confrontational “T-Rex takes some beef with the main villain dinosaur” from the third movie. Only this time it’s at the climax of the movie where it belongs instead of lingering in the middle somewhere.

All of this really drums home the fact that Trevorrow is a fan of the franchise and that he knows how to make a movie that other fans will love, whilst still appealing to everyone else who don’t really care that much and just want to see dinosaurs.

Did I mention that this movie is pretty good? Because it is.

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(Spoilers) Jurassic World pseudo-review

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