Kubo and the Two Strings Review


It’s time for a review, how bout you listen to my view, and maybe you’ll…be…eating a stew. *sigh* This is why I’m not a professional rapper.

Anyway, Kubo and the Two Strings. Have you seen it, no? Alright, I mean something is clearly wrong with you, but that’s fine, because this will be a completely spoiler free zone. Except for a very minor thing that isn’t even a spoiler, really, but I’ll touch on that later.

So, Kubo is the most recent stop motion film from Laika Entertainment, the same production company that gave us ParaNorman (2012) and The Boxtrolls (2014). Though I haven’t seen any other Laika film in it’s entirety, I can tell you that this is a major divergence in terms of themes and aesthetic (other than the fact that it is also stop motion).

Kubo and the Two Strings is a large scale Action/Adventure Epic, on one of the smallest scale forms of film production, and it’s Bloody Great! A surprisingly funny and visually gorgeous masterpiece.

My one pet peeve with the movie is something incredibly minor, but I feel that it’s justified…So, for story purposes Kubo only has one eye. His missing eye socket is covered by an eye patch. There is a moment, pretty early on in the film, where he blocks the sun out of his missing eye (you know, the one that has an eye patch over it). What’s the deal with that?

This movie is stop motion! Every second takes thousands of shots with very minor adjustments of the characters stances. I feel like maybe the intern f%#ked up and started moving the wrong arm, and then everyone was like…

“Goddamn it, Gary! Now we have to use this”.

…and just hoped no one would notice. Well guess what, I noticed, Laika….








…Fucking, Gary.

Kubo and the Two Strings Review

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