(RumorVille) Villain(s) revealed for the stand alone Flash film

The word on the street is that Ezra Miller’s Flash will not just be fighting one villain, but several. In the form of the Rogues. The Rogues are a team of super villains who team up to take down the Flash. Because they all agree that he’s just a big d&*khead.

Man, DC really love their bloody super villain teams.

No word yet on who specifically will be making up the Rogues, but I’d say Captain Boomerang is a safe bet. Good, gimme more of him. Also, given his little scuffle with The Flash in Suicide Squad, it makes sense that he’d need some help.

Other potential members are; Captain Cold (I’m sensing a power struggle between the two Caps) Mirror Master, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Pied Piper, and the Top. The latter, I imagine, just throws bottle tops at people until they get annoyed and walk away.

This information is coming from Heroic Hollywood, more specifically Umberto Gonzalez. If you follow comic book movie news and your not too familiar with his name, you will be soon. In short, he’s the scoop master. The most recent one I can remember, was his report that Doomsday would be in Batman v Superman. It’s a pretty reliable source, is what I’m saying.

(RumorVille) Villain(s) revealed for the stand alone Flash film

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