No director’s cut for Warcraft

Apparently, the first cut of Duncan Jones’, Warcraft was 160 minutes, later cut down to 123 minutes for it’s release. Which means we’ll be getting a two and a half hour director’s cut on the blu-ray…right…gu-guys?

Well sadly, no.

Speaking to The Thrillist, Jones confirmed that a director’s cut isn’t happening. Jones stated;

There will never be a director’s cut. With a film like this, where there are so many visual effects, every concession that you make you lose those shots.”

I’d imagine a large component that lead to this outcome, was the relatively low budget Warcraft had compared to it’s blockbuster competition, such as Captain America: Civil War. With budgets of $160 million and $250 million respectively.

Well, this is all disappointing to hear. I had a really good time with Warcraft, and I’d love to see more of this world. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the sequel that’s inevitably coming, thanks to the film’s success in China.

Cheers, China, you’re alright.




No director’s cut for Warcraft

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