Anthony Russo writes himself into a corner for Infinity War

In an interview with The Independent, Anthony Russo discussed his writing style stating;

“There’s a writing adage that says ‘write yourself into a corner.’ My brother and I have always loved that adage,…..That was one of our favorite things about Civil War — that it ended in a difficult place where it’s hard to imagine what the road forward exactly is…”

If you are not already aware, both Russo brothers directed MCU movies have a cameo from Anthony’s brother and co-director, Joe, in minor roles. Most recently he played the role of a psychologist taking a bloody nap in a bath tub in Captain America Civil War i.e. “ended in a difficult place…hard to imagine the road forward…”

So clearly, Anthony is making quite a literal reference to the fact that he is going to be hanging out in the corner of a room, in some random scene of Infinity War.

I’ve clearly cherry picked some of his comments for the sake of, what I like to call; Low Standards Humour (or LSH to be efficient) However he does go on to say something about how the ramifications of Civil War will be explored “on camera”.

Which is good. Saves you from having another Iron Man 3 —> Age of Ultron issue, where it’s like…

“Oh, how did everything get resolved, you ask?

Something about, not fully collaborating about a dumb ending to this movie, that will completely change one of the most pivotal character’s standing point in this universe, so we’ll add in a couple of lines to explain it away, and also…SHUT YA FACE!”



So, things are shaping up for Infinity War. That’s good, that’s good to hear. Sorry, I just didn’t want to end it on shut ya face, it just felt kind of aggressive. So I’m just gonna freestyle this final paragraph. Well, I mean…I just did. So, Marvel…am I right guys?

Anthony Russo writes himself into a corner for Infinity War

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