Daniel Craig to return as Bond after all?

Well, according to a source at Radar Online, Craig has been offered $150 million to reprise his role as the murderous, misogynistic spy we all know and love, for two more films. Which is a significant jump from the $90 million he already turned down. Neither Craig, nor Sony have commented on the validity of this report. Regardless, that’s $75 million per movie, which is kind of insane.

For a little perspective: remember that mind boggling scandal surrounding Robert Downey Jr.’s salary for Avengers 2? That was $40 million with his closet costar (Scarlett Johansson) receiving $20 million. I can’t even imagine what the variation in salaries would be for the next Bond films. But I do want to find out, so let’s make this happen.

Not to mention, $75 million just happens to be the exact same amount of money RDJ earned IN TOTAL in 2014 to top Forbes Magazines highest paid actor of the year. Though, he is reportable getting $200 million for the next two Avengers, so maybe this is just the natural progression.

Anyway, Craig has been quoted in saying that he’d rather slit his wrists than do another Bond movie, and also that if he did do more that it’d just be for the money. I mean, $150 million is alot of money. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t return, but if he does: prepare for some soulless and lifeless acting.

Daniel Craig to return as Bond after all?

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