Movie review: ARQ

Huh, how about that…the title rhymes. We’ll just pretend I meant to do that. I mean, that’s only if you pronounce it as an acronym, rather than the way it’s actually pronounced in the movie, “Ark.”
ARQ is a new Netflix original thriller starring Robbie Amell (The Flash), Rachel Taylor (Jessica Jones) and directed by Tony Elliott (Orphan Black, screenwriter). Set in a uniquely post-apocalyptic Australia; a recently reunited couple are captured by a group of rebels seeking Ren’s (Amell) medicinal supplies, only to be caught in a time loop caused by a experimental machine.
The world building Tony Elliott emits in this film is fantastically natural and free flowing. I want to see more if this universe, and thanks to the film’s claustrophobic nature, any potential sequels could easily be worked into continuity. Just about every aspect of this movie is great. From the world building to the cast, and not to mention the ending.
Without spoiling anything; I loved the ending, and it definitely opens the door for future films. Alternatively; the ending wraps-up a great standalone film that doesn’t require a sequel. Hopefully we’ll get the the former though. Because, as I’ve already mentioned, I really want to see more of this world.
One main issue I have with this movie is that it falls prey to the notion of less is more, in some areas at least. Primarily sound design and score. Thrillers often rely on musical cues and sound effects to pack a little punch to startling moments, or fill a scene with suspense. Sadly, ARQ takes those moments and overloads them with, what is admittedly a pretty good score, but it removes any realism or suspense and takes you right out of the scene.
All-in-all, ARQ is pretty bloody great. Definitely check it out if you have Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix, you can always start a free month trial, there’s a lot of other great stuff up there. I feel like I should be getting paid for that.
Netflix, if you’re reading this; I’m more than happy to do some promotion for you guys. Cause I will most-likely be talking about Luke Cage when it comes out.
Movie review: ARQ

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